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YOLI NEW, established in 2002, is a young and energetic technology company. Based on our knowledge and experience about the technology industry and our enthusiasm for serving our customers well, we have had better and better achievement year by year.

In the changeable technology industry, YOLI NEW grows and makes progress with the development of technology. Once the needs of this field change, we can always provide the related materials, machines, and service to fulfill customers’ requirement and needs in the whole producing process. At the same time, YOLI NEW learns, searches new direction, and broadens our service range with the technology industry environment. Presently, we serve for industries of passive components, semiconductor, LED, Solar Cell, and so on.

Angency for Professional and great servise:Passive component, LED, Solar Cell and Others.

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High Quality For every industry we serve, we provide quality materials and good-performance machines for our customers.
High Efficiency “ Customers' problems are just like ours.” Solving customers' problems is our responsibility, and we always try our best to solve it as soon as possible.
Nice Service What we want is the long-term relationship with our customers. Thus, with this creed, all our sales and engineers provide our service and maintaining to every of our customers.

To achieve win-win profit with our customers is our top goal.